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Just Services Ltd

A co-operative working for justice in health and social welfare

Company number 4806300

When Just Services was formed in 1999 by Liz Kinross and Liz MacKenzie, we wanted to work together in a way which embodied our guiding values. These values fall into two areas: what we do and how we do it.

What we do:

  • Support people within oppressed groups to be able to speak out.
  • Engage with workers who have responsibility for planning or providing services, so that they hear and respond to what people using their services have to say.
  • Use our experience, knowledge and skills in practical and creative ways.

    We do all this through training, group facilitation, working with individuals, research and publishing.

    How we work:

  • We share a passion for justice, equality and diversity, recognising the inequalities that exist in our society.
  • We have a commitment to treat everyone that we work with, and come into contact with, both fairly and respectfully.
  • We develop relationships and partnerships with a range of different organisations, rather than being dependent on any one organisation.
  • We share equally, within the co-operative, the responsibilities and risks inherent in setting up and running a company.
  • We take personal responsibility for our work and the decisions we make. *We make a living without exploiting anyone.

    Some examples of our current/recent work are:

    Reflecting Lives

    This is an Arts Council England funded project through which we support, encourage and promote writers, or would-be writers, who have had limited opportunities to benefit from ‘mainstream’ creative writing support, for example disabled people, older people in residential care. Part of this project is an interactive website for disabled writers –

    Self Advocacy in Action

    This is an organisation of people with learning difficulties from Leicestershire and Derbyshire for whom we work as Supporters, to enable them to carry out the work of their group under their own direction.


    Most recently we have facilitated a training course for disabled people to provide them with the skills to train student social workers to understand their perspective as people using social services.


    In 2004/2005 we carried out research commissioned by CVS Community Partnership. This was to:

    “Establish the support and information needs of voluntary and community organisations that work in the area of physical and learning disabilities, in order to enable their effective engagement with the Primary Care Trusts, and Health and Social Care planning and service delivery processes and partnerships in Leicestershire and Rutland”.

    A report on the findings of this research, entitled; “Partnership or a master-slave relationship?” can be found on:

    Go to the newspub section and you will find it in the archives.


    Read more about the publishing arm of our services in the About Us section